Two Hours Shopping, ONE Hour Parking

Does my title make sense to you? It sure doesn’t to me. But that’s what happen yesterday.

We decide to do some Christmas shopping yesterday. And given that I’m running out of holes on my belt and my trusty Dr Martens work shoe seems to be finally coming apart, I needed some normal shopping on top of Christmas shopping.

Decided to head down to Takashimaya since they usually have great offers before Christmas. Lilian checked the SG Parking app on iphone and since Taka’s per entry is just $0.70 higher than Wisma, we decided to just park at Taka for convenience.

BUT this convenience turned into a nightmare. We were trapped in this carpark jam at level 6 for ONE freaking #*%?>! hour. When I saw the jam I thought its just the normal carpark queue. Then it started to feel like the wedding dinner carpark jam. That quickly became the worst carpark jam I have ever been stuck in.

For the whole ONE hour, my car could only inch every few minutes. Add that to a stubborn Xavier crying to be latched to sleep, I could feel my face turning black to a point I refuse to let any other cars cut into my front (and there are heaps of ugly Singaporeans).
So after ONE freaking hour in the great carpark jam of Takashimaya, we were finally freed… Only to hit the CTE jam next…

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