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Had these photos since Dec ’09 and totally forgotten about them. Well it was a Saturday evening when my parents came over after buffet lunch. They were too full from the buffet that they didn’t really want dinner. Hence I hatch the evil plan of asking them along for crabs, so that they can help look after Xavier while we satisfy our long awaited and very duly missed crab craving. Afterall, there is no way to bring Xavier along and enjoy crabs if its just the two of us.

Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant is situated a coffeeshop below the HDB block. And in front of it is a very large carpark. Interestingly at the adjacent corner of the large carpark is another coffeeshop where Mellben Seafood is. I was told before that the owner of both restaurants are brothers but I am not sure if its true or not.
Anyway I have always rated Mellben to be better than Uncle Leong. The food is just better. But the wait is a lot longer and crazier. As we only wanted to satisfy crab craving, I decided on Uncle Leong as the queue was more sane. Afterall, you cannot be waiting for over 1 hour to have dinner when you have a baby with you. The baby will probably drive you nuts.
Ordered the Crab Beehoon, Chinese Spinach with Three Eggs (Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg), and Wu Xiang. I can’t recall how they individually taste but overall it was average, nothing to shout about. Maybe that’s why I can’t recall the taste as it was forgettable. 😛

So would I go there again? Yes if I’m not picky on taste that day and just want to satify craving and not queue for long.

Uncle Leong Seafood
Blk 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
Tel: 65543453

3 thoughts on “Uncle Leong Seafood”

  1. erm.. your lens high f stop? hee… u open the aperture wide open right 😛
    i eat there before i must say it is better then the Mellben seafood Restaurant, especially the service and experiences there… Mellben service sux…

  2. Julia: Yes I was using the new macro lens. Pretty fun to use though not easy to control. Took quite a number and this was the one I like most.

    Alan: Yeah Mellben's service sucks. Ha. The three photos I was using f2.5. hehe.

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