USA SF/LV 2013 – Day 1: San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf

After months of planning, weeks of preparations, days of packing, we are finally “leaving, on a jet plane” to a dream USA holiday. A second honeymoon without the boys (they are in the good hands of my parents).

The first time we went to USA was 8 years ago, also to the west coast for our honeymoon. This time we flew by Cathay Pacific as they had promotion. It was an 18 hours flight, including a 2 hours transit at Hong Kong. We grab quick bite at the Hong Kong airport and said hello to Mickey and Minnie at the airport’s Disney store.

And off we go for the long haul flight. Once onboard, I switch my watch to San Francisco time and try to tune my body-clock to minimise jet-lag. Finally after 4 movies, 2 meals and squeezing some sleep in between, we arrived in San Francisco.

We choose to stay at the exact same hotel as our first visit, Chancellor Hotel. This place is very conveniently located at Union Square and reasonably priced for a cozy room. This hotel does not have air-condition but its not needed for winter stay as with open window and ceiling fan, it can get pretty chilly at night. They still have a yellow rubber ducky in their bathroom.

Next stop, to Fisherman’s Wharf. I research earlier on where the bus-stop is to take Muni 8X to Fisherman’s Wharf but it took me almost 15mins before I found that bus-stop. Because it looks like this!

Yes, just a power cable post. I later found out they have other bus stops with shelter and seats. This just happen to be one without.

When you are on holiday, everything seems to be an interesting photo interest, even seagulls and Alcatraz.

But what we really miss are the yummy Dungeness Crabs! And we are heading to this place call Crab House to feast on the crabs. Its the white building in the pictures below.

The view from the second level is awesome. Overlooking the bay area, you get more seagulls and Alcatraz.

We ordered two dishes, the Fried Calamari and the Dungeness Crab.

The calamari was pretty good. But we find the crab a little too salty and dry. I recall when we first had it at another restaurant (I can’t recall), it was boiled and the meat was sweet and juicy.

We walked around the bay area after dinner. Right next to the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf signs are restaurants selling seafood including Dungeness Crab. Maybe we might try it again another day.

Wonder if these are what the fisherman use to catch the crabs…

More photos with the Fisherman’s Wharf sign. It gets dark pretty early, like 4:30-5pm

Lastly, a visit to Boudin Bakery. This place makes amazing Clam Chowder in the Sourdough bread bowl.

We headed back to our hotel after this for a good night rest.

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