USA SF/LV 2013 – Day 2: San Francisco – Mama’s

One of the most recommended place to have breakfast in San Francisco (by TripAdvisor and Time) is Mama’s on Washington Square.

We couldn’t agree more. The first time we were there on Day 2 of our trip, we waited for about 45mins outside before entering the restaurant. It was so good that we told ourselves we had to come back again. And we did on Day 5. You can see from the collage above that both days, the queue outside the restaurant were about the same.

Once inside, you will join a smaller queue in front of the kitchen. This is where you begin to decide what you want for breakfast. But it becomes increasingly hard as you see the chefs prepare the different dishes and everything just seem so good!

Both days we ordered their Buttermilk Pancakes. This is probably the best pancakes we ever had, maybe the best in the world! Its so warm, so thick, so fluffy, its a must order. Even the maple syrup taste different, not too sweet and has this aromatic smell to it.

The first time we tried with the seasonal berries (attached above) and the second time without (attached below) as they have excellent berries jam on their table too.

Our next favourite are the Mama’s Benedicts with crispy bacon and grilled tomato (named Blackstone). “Two Poached Petaluma Farms Eggs served on a Toasted English Muffin with Hollandaise Sauce and Mama’s Grilled Potatoes”. We couldn’t get enough of those crispy bacons. Yums!!

We tried their M’Omelettes – The Californian on our second visit. This is egg omelette with crispy bacon (again!), avocado, and monterey jack cheese.

Its good, nicely done. But I still prefer my runny egg benedicts.

If you are going to be in San Francisco, you HAVE TO visit this place. The 1 hour wait is worth it. Its on my list on one of the best places to have breakfast and we can’t recommend it enough.

(on Washington Square)
1701 Stockton St. (at Filbert)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 362-6421
Open daily 8am – 3pm
Closed Mondays

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