USA SF/LV 2013 – Day 3: Yosemite – Day trip to a National Park

Today, we take it slow and easy as we visit the beautiful Yosemite National Park. I had booked the trip from Do Google if there are discount coupons or codes that you can use.

As we opt for a day trip, most of the time were spend on the bus. We started the day very early as the tour bus goes around to pick up passengers from different hotels. Along the way to our first stop, we just sit back and enjoy the landscape.

The first stop was to an area affected by the recent wildfire. You would not feel the effect of the devastation done by the fire thus the photos. But when you stand there and see with your own eyes, its sad. The colour of ashes, the feeling of sadness.

As our tour venture deeper into Yosemite, greenery comes back in sight. The tour’s next stop is Tunnel View. This is where you can get one of the iconic postcard scenery of Yosemite. Here you can see El Capitan, the big white vertical rock on the left and Yosemite Valley.

We went tree hugging too. City kids like us have never seen such big trees before.
The tour bus stops at Yosemite Village. Here, you can take a leisure stroll through the park, or set up a picnic by the woods. There are also lodging, eateries and mini-mart. We opt for a bicycle tour and it was awesome. The weather was cooling, even chilly in some parts, so you don’t break a sweat while cycling leisurely.

Below are some photos we took along the way. Tried out hands on “Levitation” shots, very amateur as you can see. Deer and ducks roam around freely. There was even an outdoor classroom lesson on the dried up lake.


By the time we went back to return the bicycle, it was time to leave Yosemite. The tour guide was kind enough to stop by a spot where we can marvel at the beautiful lights of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Beautiful.

When we reach back at our hotel, it was already 9+. Starving, we headed to the Macy’s nearby where on the top floor there was The Cheesecake Factory restaurant. The cheesecake menu is simply awesome. Food was pretty good and service was top-notch. Its no wonder the place is packed.

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