What a Wonderful Wedding…

I was invited to Ker Jent and I-May’s wedding yesterday evening at Fullerton Hotel and I darn say it was one of the best wedding I have been to. I knew I-May from my Citibank days and Ker Jent was coincidentally my secondary school classmate from SJI. So the wedding was like a big gathering of my friends from my old workplace and my old school.

The setting was nothing short of fantastic and the food ranked one of the best I have eaten at weddings. I mean I haven’t been to any other weddings that have foie gras in lotus leaf rice. The guys from “Let There Be Light” had also captured very story telling photos of the actual day morning event. I love their photography style.

The wedding table gifts were also one of the most unique I have seen. One is a mini musical box and the other is a heart shaped glass paperweight. This is one wedding I truely enjoyed myself. My only regret is not bringing my camera along to take photos of the beautiful couple.

Here is wishing Ker Jent and I-May a very blissful marriage!

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