Xavier, 15 months on…

Xavier turn 15 months last Saturday and we bought him down to see Dr. Tan at Kid’s Clinic, partly for his running nose and cough and partly for his 15th month checkup and MMRV jab. In case you are wondering what is MMRV, its a vaccination against Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella (more commonly known as chickenpox).

I guess the flu bug is in the air as many of my friends and colleagues were down with fever, running nose, sore throat and the works. Xavier also caught the running nose and cough and as we were running out of the spare medication, we decided to bring him to Dr. Tan. It was the usual four hours wait but we waited at home till the call came so it wasn’t so bad.
So why do people still want to go to that clinic when the wait is so long? Well the fact is, once you are in the room, you can ask any questions relating to the kid and you get full information and more. Its not those 5 minutes walk in come out kind of GP service, but a real 1-to1 question and answer session. So we always bring Xavier here for his assessments and vaccine jabs.
So how is Xavier 15 months on? Well his 12.2kg weight still puts him at a high 97 % (meaning every 100 kids only 3 is heavier than him) and his 77cm height is roughly at the 70%. His motor skills are pretty advance, being able to scribble with a colour pencil, pick up mini M&Ms, stack wooden alphabets on top of each other and point to food and say “Mum, Mum” indicating he want to eat. Or pointing to other other babies and saying “Mei, mei”. He showed Dr. Tan his animal gestures and Dr. Tan can’t help but keep saying “So cute!”.
Some information on the MMR vaccine for those of you whose kid have not taken it yet. MMR vaccine is not a compulsory jab but Measles and Diptheria vaccines are compulsory by law in Singapore. Your kid takes the 1st dose between 1-2 year old and that gives your kid 93% protection. The 2nd dose comes in when they are at Primany One, and that will give them 99% protection. The Chickenpox vaccine is optional. Our decision to let Xavier have it was that you can’t control when he will pick up chickenpox and the fact that after the vaccine if he still does contact it, the effect will be much lesser.
Some warning to you guys though, this jab is damn potent. The fever usually comes 1 week after the jab. Xavier started to have fever on Wednesday night and Lilian and I had to take leave on Thursday and Friday to take care of him and his fever yoyo up and down between 37°C to 38.6°C. I had a chat with one of my colleagues today and found out that her son, who also had the MMRV jab, had yoyo fever for 1 week and at one stage hitting 39°C. I hope Xavier’s fever ends by this weekend or we gonna have trouble next week with my parent away on holiday…

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