Xavier 3rd Birthday Celebration – 1

We celebrated Xavier’s birthday earlier on 4th February as it was a Saturday. As per previous birthdays, we wanted to keep it small so only immediate families present.

This year he gets to choose his own birthday cake and he was very excited about having a “Lightning McQueen” cake. Even since the day we ordered the cake from Bengawan Solo till the very day of the celebration, he would keep reminding us of his cake.

And this year, he learnt his pose and would strike it when you say “帅”.

Photo time with families.

This year we got him an Elephant backpack from SkipHop and a Lightning McQueen remote control car. We thought the zoo backpack series from SkipHop were very cute and we thought he might like the Penguin but Xavier choose Elephant instead.

Happy Birthday Xavier. Daddy and Mummy loves you.

Click to see what happens on his actual birthday.

p.s.: Sorry Daddy’s PC run into some issues and I lost 1/3 of the photos and all the videos. So although you do not see us in any photos, we were definitely present.

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