Xavier And His Two Lollipops

We were at Orchard on Friday wondering what to eat there and decided to go somewhere we haven’t been for ages, like almost a decade. That place is The Ship Restaurant, at level 4 Shaw Centre.

I have the feeling of going to an old skool steakhouse where its pretty dim (although our 1st visit many years ago was dimmer), have white table cloth, where some of the waiter/waitress are old enough to be my grandparents and there are only two ice-cream flavours, Vanilla and Strawberry. It’s a nice change from the many other modernized steakhouse. I had the “Ship Steak” which was visually exciting where they pour cognac over the steak and set it on flames. However I found the mushroom sauce too salty for my liking. As it was an impromptu decision to eat there, I also didn’t bring my camera along.

Xavier however was having a great time charming the waitresses by calling them 姐姐 and scoring two lollipops from them. See his excitement over the two lollipops.

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