Xavier: Eight Months On…

Time flies and before we know it, Xavier is already pass 8 months old. But this month has not been a good month as Xavier was sick for most part of the month.The latest is the case of diarrhea leading to a horrible case of nappy rash.

He has been seeing Dr. Chee more than his grandparents (my in-laws) that even the nurse at the clinic has a nick for him, “Cool Man”. This is because he never smile at the clinic before, instead, only giving his deadly glares.
Xavier never fails to amaze us with new skills, escpecially this month. He been crawling around on his fours at the infant care in a speedy manner. So much so that one of the other parents at the center calls him the “fastest moving baby”. But at home he still like to crawl around on his tummy instead of fours.

Lilian manage to capture Xavier’s first successful attempt to stand with support (not our support, but support of objects around him). Below, you can see him getting one of his favourite object, the remote control, from the sofa.
He has also learnt to pick up food with his thumb and index finger and putting the food into his mouth. And with his greedy nature, he has attempted to pick up two to three of the biscuits all at the same time and putting them into his mouth, unsuccessfully. Slow down boy, why you eating so fast like your dad?
He has also promoted from drinking from a bottle teat to sucking from a straw.
Lastly, he surprised us one Sunday morning leaping around and launching himself like a baby torpedo. He hasn’t done that again since that Sunday though.
Get well soon Xavier so we can play more stuff together.

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