Xavier First Weaning Session

Xavier had a first taste of food other than milk on Saturday (25 July 2009). Lilian started Xavier’s weaning session with white rice cereal. This is preferred over brown rice cereal as it is less likely to cause allergy. Lilian mixed a teaspoon of cereal with his milk for this session.

The thought of tasting a new food puts a cheeky grin on Xavier’s cheek.
Taking the first few feeds with a spoon. That’s a novelty.
So what’s Xavier’s verdict on this first weaning session?
Actually he enjoyed it. But it was very messy with him trying to blow bubble while eating and doing sneak attacks on the bowl while mummy is feeding. I’m sure he would be looking forward to trying other new food in the coming weeks. Lilian has sweet potato, spinach, pumpkin, apple, banana, and pear in mind.

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