Xavier is going places

I just discovered today that babies are constantly learning things, even when they are sick. I can no longer put Xavier down in the playmat and go do other stuff as he is beginning to “move”.

By move I mean, he is starting to “leopard crawl”. Its an army term which means crawling while in a prone position. I left him in the middle of the playmat and he is able to crawl to the edge of the playmat (and attempt to eat the edge of the playmat).

I tried to take a video of it later at night but he wasn’t really showing how he moved in it. Rather, you would see him using his knees no move rather than “dry” swimming (kicking air).

Good work my boy.

1 thought on “Xavier is going places”

  1. He definitely moved, he started off with his hands on pooh's nose, then moved till he could touch the mouth of the pooh! Get rdy because soon he will be running around haha

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