Xavier Starts Toilet Training

Xavier starts toilet training today at his school. His form teacher called Lilian to let her know that Xavier is very enthusiastic about it.

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We been gearing Xavier toward toilet training by reading the book “Big Boy Potty”, getting him two potties (one the usual potty and one that enables him to sat at the normal toilet bowl) as well as asking him to tell us when he wants to pee or poo.

But we didn’t get any success as he doesn’t like to use the potty and usually keeps silent about his poo, even denying he had poo when I smelled it and ask him. 

The book is an interesting read as it tries to relate Michael, the kid in the book, to your boy.

Let’s hope he is fully trained by mid of this year.

Update 31 Mar 11: Xavier seems to be progressing well. He is able to hold his pee and ask us to bring him to the toilet to pee when nature calls.

2 thoughts on “Xavier Starts Toilet Training”

  1. Hi… At what age does the school train Xavier for toilet training. Love reading about your precious Son. My son is going through almost a similar phase as yours. He attends Learning Vision from infant and going to toddler class soon. I can see that he enjoys his time in school. Great job updating your blog. 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for your kind words. Xavier started toilet training a month after his 2nd birthday.

    Its a long process though. Now at almost 4 years old, he is diaper free except during night sleep.

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