Xavier the Broccoli Singer, 27 months on…

Xavier is now 91cm tall and weights 15.80kg, which means I have to buy him MRT and bus tickets and pay for him to watch a movie. 🙁

Polling day today and Mother’s day tomorrow. Xavier has entered the “I, me, mine” phrase. He is not into sharing yet, and is proud to declare things as his. So you would often hear him say my car, my bread, my mushroom, my apple, etc. He would even detail to you, “Not daddy’s, not mummy’s. Mine!”

He would also be very impatient such that when you tell him to wait or can we do this first then do that, he would kick a big fuss. And sometimes he would totally ignore your instructions and do the opposite of we asked of him. And the best part is, when I get angry and scold him, he would turn to Lilian and say in those sad puppy tone, “Daddy angry” as if trying to get sympathy votes from Lilian.

When he is in good mood, he would break into songs out of the blue. Or he would just be silly and laugh at little things. Below are two videos I took during one of the supermarket trips where he suddenly decides to use the Broccoli as a microphone and sing “Lalala” and be silly.

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