Xavier With His Own Ez-Link Card

Xavier has always been excited about MRT rides. He actually prefers riding on the MRT to sitting in my car. So you can imagine his excitement when we finally got him his very own Ez-Link card.

Currently 90cm is the height limit a child can travel on the MRT for free. Above that and you would be required to pay the kid’s fare. The card just makes life easier as we do not need to go to the fare machine to buy a single trip card for each trip.

The process to apply for the card is fairly painless. Just need to note your child’s birth certificate number as you need to complete a form at the ticketing counter. However, I do hope SMRT revised this height measurement as kids nowadays are so much taller. In fact, I would propose to only charge kids above age 5 since that is the age kids go to K1 (kindergarten 1). All kids below that should travel for free.

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