Xavier’s 18th month update

Xavier had his final mandatory jab on 14th August and Dr. Tan said with a chuckle that his weight is off the chart already!
You see, the highest line on the weight chart represents the 97th percentile and his weight (at 13.50kg) is above that line. This means his weight is in the top 3% category of all Singapore babies at his age. (I would be happier if next time his school results is in the top 3% of his cohort.) Anyway I do not think its a concern at this point since he is very active and growing well. His height is at the 75th percentile (at 82cm) and Dr. Tan commented at this rate of growth, we would probably need to pay for bus and MRT fare when he hits 2 years old. Bummer.
Dr. Tan asked some other questions to gauge his growth and one of the questions was what words can he say now. Lilian and I scratched our head for a while as we didn’t really take note. But slowly we came up with a small list. But after we reached home and thought over it, he could actually say quite a number of words and response to even more. So we decided to make a list of words he can say.
Words Xavier can say:
Ba Ba (Sheep), Baby, Back, Ball, Bao ()
Car, Cheek
Ear, Eat
Fish, Four
Good nine (Goodnight)
Hua (), Hug
Jie Jie (姐姐), Jiu (舅)
Kick, Knee
Mama, Mao (Cat), Milk, Moo (Cow), Mu (舅母)
Nice, Nine Nine (Nice or Yummy), Nai Nai (奶奶)
Pain pain, Papa, Pig, Plee (Please), Put
Shoo (Shoe), Shu (叔), Star
Ti (Auntie), Toe, Tor Tor (公公), Two
Walk, Wet Wet, Woh Woh (Dog)
Ye Ye (爷爷)
I hope to start a project on taking photos of him doing actions for words we say. Might take awhile but it should be fun.

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