Xavier’s 2nd Birthday – Inside Story

Even heard of Murphy’s law where “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”? Well we had a small taste of it on Xavier’s 2nd Birthday, the “eventful” day.

I collected the balloons for the party the day before. And boy was I glad I took some photos of Xavier playing with it. He was in cloud nine when he saw the Jumbo Cookie Monster that he brought Cookie Monster for a tour of our home.

Sadly, Cookie Monster decided not to join the party in next morning. He exploded with a hole on the neck area (probably due to change in temperature in the morning). Sms Lyna from Babyterror for a replacement but was told that was their last Jumbo Cookie Monster. So settled for Jumbo Elmo and a much smaller hand-held Cookie Monster. I told Xavier Cookie Monster fell down so Daddy have to invite Elmo.

But I still want to find a Jumbo Cookie Monster for the party. Afterall, Cookie Monster is the main theme. Then I remembered on Auntie Yochana’s blog there is the contact for the balloon and party shop at Parkway level 2. Sms Richard from Partywell and he confirmed he has a brand new Jumbo Cookie Monster.
So rushed in the morning to pick up the Elmo from Lyna, buy the Cookie Monster from Parkway, pick up my brother, pick up the cake from Auntie Yochana and head back home. To my utter misbelief when I open the boot, the brand new Jumbo Cookie Monster has also exploded along the journey, and again its the neck area that gave way.
Cookie Monster Twin.

So Xavier, if you are wondering why you have a Cookie Monster birthday with Elmo, now you know. Happy Birthday my boy!

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