Xavier’s 3rd Birthday Celebration – 2

Following our mini celebration for Xavier’s birthday at home, we present part 2 of his celebration.

Today is Xavier’s actual day and this year we decided to let him celebrate in his school with his friends as well. But before that, we took him to the zoo.

Xavier pointing to us where he wants to visit first.

He was very excited about the trip to the zoo. Maybe because we haven’t bring him there as often as we wish to. And since he was his birthday, he gets to ride on the pony.

He also had fun at the waterplay area but I lost those photos and videos unfortunately.

When we reached his class, they were all eager and ready to celebrate his birthday. And he happily exclaims he is three years old.

The look on his face was pure joy. Maybe we should do this more often.

Here’s some happy shots of his classmates.

Happy birthday again Xavier. Next year Lucas would be be to join in the celebration.

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  1. Glad to see X so happy 🙂

    I actually miss pre-school parties, our kids' new pre-school is 1/2day thus does not allow parties, I cannot even join their outings :p

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