Xavier’s 4th Birthday Celebration

Someone told me before that time flies and children grows up very fast. You only realise how fast when you celebrate their birthday. How true. Xavier is FOUR already!

This year his birthday is pretty close to Chinese New Year so we kept it even smaller, splitting it into 3 celebrations. Cake selection was becoming challenging as he would choose a different cake every time we asked him. So with 3 celebration, he get 3 different cakes. Win-win situation. 🙂

The first one was at my brother-in-law’s place. Lightning McQueen cake, zoom zoom. See how excited he is, beaming from ear to ear.

His cousins were equally excited. Sing song, cut cake time!

Group photos time. Say Lightning McQueen!

Next was the celebration in his school. He wanted another Lightning McQueen cake but we manage to sway him to a Mickey and Friends cake as it seems to resemble his happy class. So there you have the cake, the class and the birthday boy.

He likes bossing around in his class, asking his class if they liked his Mickey and Friend’s cake and that all have to sing birthday song to him later. Candles blowing time!

Xavier can’t help breaking into the hottest current dance craze, Gangnam Style, with singing from Lucas. Happy faces and family photo time!

The last celebration was a belated one with my parents during the Reunion lunch on Chinese New Year eve lunch. As its gonna be a feast, we restricted Xavier’s cake to a small one, more for him to blow his candle then eat the cake. He chose Power Ranger cake this time.

Group photos time. Lucas is happy to give his brother a birthday hug.

Happy 4th Birthday Xavier!

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