Xavier’s First taste of Pumpkin

As Lilian starts to introduce new food to Xavier every week, she got a tool to help with mash the stuff so she dun have to pound it. When she took out the U-Like Blender, it looked like one of those retro blender, bright orange with a transparent top. She also got the “Baby Cubes” to store the mashed stuff for the rest of the week.

So this week’s menu is Pumpkin. Lilian usually do not like pumpkin, but somehow she could not help herself to the warm tasty pumpkin while cooking it for Xavier.
Xavier was pretty receptive to it.
But boy it was a messy food to feed. He would have his hands over the spoon and his mouth, then proceed to touch his toes. Lilian probably used half a box of tissue to clean him while feeding him. Look at that innocent face with the pumpkin “lipstick”.
He was eating big mouthful of it happily till he almost choked. Thinking it was too thick, we diluted it slightly and also gave him some water. After that he just had the disgusted look on his face and refuse to eat more pumpkin. Thinking he wasn’t that ready yet for pumpkin, I told Lilian maybe we try again tomorrow.

While it turned out he had poo in his diapers and was damn uncomfortable, hence he didn’t feel like eating (I can imagine why). So after cleaning his butt and changing the diapers, he happily finished the rest of the pumpkin. Good job my boy.

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