Xavier’s First “Toothbrushing” Experience

I haven’t been sick for such a long period before, hence the reason why I been behind in my posting. Xavier had his first “tooth-brushing” experience early this month. Well not exactly tooth-brushing as his teeth hasn’t show up yet. More like gum brushing. But we thought we get him use to the sensation. Derek gave us the Nutec Infa-Dent Toothbrush.

Did I tell you how expensive his toothpaste is? SGD17.00! I also haven’t use such expensive toothpaste before. It’s a special toothpaste that is safe for the baby to swallow. Here’s a shopping tip, get them from the “toiletries shopping haven” at Chinatown and that same toothpaste will only cost SGD10.90. We also discovered that have a wide range of California Baby products as well, selling at wholesaler prices.

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