Xavier’s First Visit to the Dentist

Xavier had his first visit to the dentist today. There wasn’t anything wrong with his teeth. We just wanted him to get a feel of going to the dentist and having his teeth checked.

I brought him to my usual dentist at ToofDoctor. He was apprehensive at first but the mention of watching Barney videos were too good to pass. So they gave him a pair of sunglasses, set him down on the dental chair and checked his teeth.

He is still short of two teeth but they should come soon. They did polishing for him. No scaling needed as they do not have tartar (so lucky). And the dentist even gave him a medal for being so brave and cooperative. He was so proud of his medal that he insist on wearing it to school the next day.

And he can’t wait to go for his next dental checkup, as he kept asking when we gonna go again. I on the other hand, dread going to the dentist…

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