Xavier’s late photo update

The last month have been busy. Work has picked up quite a bit and Xavier’s HFMD saga added to the stress. Being dual working parents hasn’t been easy, especially when the kid is sick. We been fortunate to have my parents helping us out when needed.
Anyway with the HFMD saga behind us, and since today is our National Day holiday, I decided to post the very overdue photos of Xavier taken in June. More photos can be seen at my Flickr.

Here is Xavier, feeling very excited about his Macdonald’s balloon.
“Mummy, can I play in the playground with the balloon?”

Xavier in his Sunday-best during his visit to Singapore Botanical Gardens.

“Wonder if mummy likes daddy to dress like this too?”

“Daddy, how many times do you want me to wave at your camera?”

“Mummy, can I exchange your kiss for that kite?”

“Can I keep this leaf, please please please can I?”
” Sssshhh…”

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