Xavier’s many nickname

Xavier is sick yet again, cough and running/blocked nose so we bought him to Dr. Chee for medication before it gets worse. As the clinic need his recent weight, we weigh him and to our surprise, he has now crossed the 10kg milestone. He is now 10.17kg and 79cm long (I use long as we are usually measure laying down). I think when he can stand up on his own I would already need to pay for child fare for him when taking MRT.

Anyway back to the topic of nicknames, seems like unknowingly, Xavier began to have nicknames and its a growing list.

Mat Yo Yo – The first nickname would probably be given by me. I was calling him “Mat Yo Yo” because he looked like the Malays in sarong whenever we wrap him up in cloth diaper before showering him. It’s not in any way making fun of our Malay counterparts or the popular Malay program, just so happen the name came up whenever I see him in that outfit.

師奶杀手 – I came up with this when the Aunties were ogling about his Thunder Thighs.

XL – Lilian came up to me one day with a grin and she was saying she just realise Xavier’s initial would read XL (Xavier Lee). Seems to go well with his size. Ha.

“Wah” Lee – We went to Soo Jit’s second boy’s baby shower and as many of our friends haven’t seen Xavier since his baby shower, the first word they said (when they saw Xavier) was “Wah!”. Rick then turned to him and say, “Think we should just call you Wah Lee from now on. Everyone’s reaction when they meet you is Wah!”

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