Xavier’s Videos – Jan 2011

Below are videos of Xavier taken recently in Jan 2011.

Xavier entertaining himself with the mini slide at Toys ‘R Us. He must have slided at least 10 times before I took this video.

Xavier having fun with the Leapfrog Leaptop. It states on the box that its for age 2 to 4. I wonder if it’s really useful for Xavier at this age. But he sure knows how to move to the beat.

But one doesn’t seem to be enough for Xavier. He shows us what “multi-tasking” means to him. Feels to me like a DJ spinning different turntables.

Xavier loves to express his thoughts now and he would keep calling out to us till we give him our full attention before he talks us what he want to say. We had a talk about balloons for his birthday and he insist it should be pronounced as “bul-ing”. 

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