Xbox Kinect gets everyone on their feet

During this year’s CNY visiting, we had a chance to try out the Xbox Kinect’s at Kelvin’s place. I dare say this is the future of gaming, that is, getting you physically involved playing the game.

Nintendo Wii started it years ago with their motion sensing controllers, luring traditionally non-gaming adults and children engaged in simple yet fun filled games. And though its specifications and graphics were behind both Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, it sold more than both machines by tapping into the huge non-gaming market. This forced both Sony and Microsoft back to the drawing board to come up with similar offerings to tap into this market too. While Sony now offers something similar call Playstation Move, Microsoft went one step ahead with their Kinect sensor.

What Kinect does is it captures the full body movements of the players and uses it to control or play the games on Xbox 360. And its done with no controllers at all. So effectively, your body becomes the “controller” of the game. This enables even young kids like Xavier to have a go at playing the games.

But one have to be careful not to allow non-players into the “area” as one can be so engrossed in it that accidents happen, like what happens below.

Overall I’m pretty impressed by Kinect. I wished Sony came up with something similar for PS3. There are also rumours floating in the air that the next generation Wii will rock the gaming industry yet again. We should see.

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